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USA - Religia - wykłady (ang.) - strona 1 USA - Religia - wykłady (ang.) - strona 2 USA - Religia - wykłady (ang.) - strona 3

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I rok filologii angielskiej. Notatki z wykładu z przedmiotu realioznawstwo, który prowadzi dr Wojciech Jasiakiewicz. Notatka ma 2 strony i format odt. Cechy religii w Stanach Zjednoczonych, trochę statystyk, podziały, wyznania, rozdział państwa i religii i inne.

Religion 1.
western countries - modernization accompanied by a marked decline in religions observance
USA very high degree of believers = 90 %
about 60 % of Americans attend church at least once a week the reason for high degree of religions participation is deeply rooted in their history - puritans escaped from the old land to find freedom of religion for which they're persecuted
New York - high % of non-christians Pacific North West - Oregon - non believers 18-24 the least religions group - 25 furn to faith prayers are very popular with Americans Religion and Politics
the Constitution declares the separation of Church and State even though religion plays important role in politicial life
a) the motto of seal of US carries the biblical words
b) there are references in the pledge of allegiance to the American flag
c) American currency d) American presidents claim affiliation with on established church e) US presidents take their oath of office on the Bible f) every session of Congress opens with a prayer
g) reference in politician's speeches First American to the Constitution prohibits an established national religion and protects the night to practice the religion of his or her choice.
2. Religions Diversity religion in US today is primary built on the structure of Protestantism,
Catholicism and Judaism 1620 Pilgrim Fathers came to the New Land (James I) along with Congregationalist Church, which is the denomination established by early puritans the Presbyterian Lutheran, Episcopal and Reformed churches constitute mainstream Protestantism WASP often intolerant of Catholics
Catholicism brought to US by missionaries from Portugal, Spain - Texas, N.M, California, Florida XIX c. the main influx of Catholics from Ireland Germany France
Jews 2 % of population - escaped to US during XIX to avoid persention in Europe 3. Rush Hour of the Gods there is extremely large member of cults appearing now in US
many people don't believe in mainline institutions so they invent new ones people are hungry for deeper meaning of their religions and they are ready to sunfice every thing to gain it the reason for that is not just a growing secularism but weakening family and social relationship In Search of the Sacred
- end of millennium inspires anxiety and soul - searching - baby - boomers people born in the p after the ww II a) need for spirituality b) desire to give children a moral and spiritual foundation c) mystical or religions experience - if reflects in music and poetry ... zobacz całą notatkę

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