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Units of Meaning (Word Types, Lexemes)
One-morpheme word/simplex - a word built of one (free) morpheme (e.g. crush)
Compound word - an expression that consists of at least two free morphemes
Complex word - a word built of at least two morphemes
- idiom - multi-element expression whose meaning is not motivated by (i.e. cannot be directly derived from) the meaning of its components (this phenomenon is called non-compositionality) and the substitution of a single element, if possible, brings unsystematic change of meaning e.g. `I've got a crush on you' meaning `I'm in love with you'.
Phraseological unities - their meaning is partially motivated by the meanings of the words they contain (show one's teeth - szczerzyć zęby)
Collocations - highly motivated but hardly interchangeable (bear a grudge - chować urazę)
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