Structural Linguistics-opracowanie

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Structural Linguistics
Structural linguistics is an approach to linguistics which stresses the importance of language as a system and which investigates the place that linguistic units such as sounds, words, sentences have within this system. In its widest sense, the term has been used by various groups of linguists, including those of the Prague School, but most often it is used to refer to a group of American linguists such as Bloomfield and Fries, who published mainly in the 1930s and 1950s. The work of these linguists was based on the theory of behaviorism and had a considerable influence on some language teaching methods. The structural linguists identify phonemes, morphemes, syntax. American structuralists stressed 4 major ways of signalizing meaning:
word order
word form
function words
intonation patterns
Two major categories of parts of speech:
form-class words
function words
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