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08.02.2030r. Dear Stephanie
Thank you for your email. How are you? I Hope you're well.
Yes, Of course I can tell you about my friend. Christelle is 20 years old and she's studying English Philology on the University in Białystok.
In my opinion she is incredibly ambitious and really hard-working girl -she can work all the time without a break. She has a young brother and sister. She also like very much children's .She is very responsible and Independent -she passed all her exams on her own without any help. She is very cooperative Pearson, she loves helping other people - she is a volunteer in aid agency.
She likes watching TV, reading books and listening to the normal music not heavy metal or rock so don't worry. And she is very friendly girl; she has a lot of friends. She lives in happy family, because her parents love each other very much. She visits them regularly.
I think that she have negative things like: she is a bit moody- is happy one minute and sad the next. And she is a little spoilt because she must give everything she wants. I have for you good news she know English very well. Whatever she is very nice and charming. I'm sure that your family and you will like her.
I hope that is useful.
And if you want to know more about her write me!
Give my regard to your family
Love Urszula
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