Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część II

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Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część II - strona 1 Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część II - strona 2 Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część II - strona 3

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Pytania i przykładowe odpowiedzi z drugiej części egzaminu B2 angielskiego:1. In what way does your life style and values differ from the ones that your parents have?2. Do you think that in the future we will live better and easier?3. Do you think that it is better to live in a city or in a village?4. Why does people spend their holidays abroad?5. What in your opinion is the plague of the 21 century?Personal questions:1. With whom do you live?2. Do you have a big family?3. Do you spend a lot of time with your family?4. What is your favourite member of the family?5. Do you enjoy being alone?6. What kind of music do you like? do you listen to music a lot and in what occasions?7. Do you like concerts? why/why not?8. Do you play computer games?9. Do you like traveling? what kind of places you like to visit?10. Do you watch tv very often? what progams you enjoy watching? why?11. Do you listen to the radio? what stations?12. Why do you use the internet for?13. How your life is going to look like in 20 years time?14. What would you do if you won a milion euro?15. Would you like to work for big company? why?16. Would you like to have your own company?17. Do you think that in your profession it will be easy to find a job in the future?18. When you would like to have a family?19. Which season you like best and why?20. Do you think that everybody should learn a foreign language? which one?21. Do you enjoy being a student?22. What do you spend money on? is it possible for you to save some money?23. What do you usually do at weekends?24. What have you done in the previous weekend?25. What do you like to do with your friends?26. Tell us about your friend.27. Do you help in the house? in what ways? what house duties do you have?28. What do you like to do in the evenings?29. What are your plans for the nearest weekend?30. If you were a politician, what would you do to make the world a better place to live in?IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR LIFE STYLE AND VALUES DIFFER FROM THE ONES THAT YOUR PARENTS HAVE?My parents compare their childhood and youth with the present, and regard the old times as better, always talking about “ The good old days". But I think that my times are the best because we live in more civilized and modern society. Young people just like me look at the world with a fresh view. Everything for me is new, interesting and I have to try everything to know what is best for me. My parents claim that I am better educated today, but they forget about all the years of work under constant pressure of competition and fear of examinations that today generations has to suffer. But I have to admit that nowadays there is no problem of choosing a school because their number grew. My parents also complain about the appearance of the young, scruffy clothes, too short skirts on girls, heavy make up.. My life style differs a lot from the life style of my parents because they are more responsible, have more duties, are mature and often bored with their life. Maby because they have been disappointed by it many times and they are more experienced than me. My attitude to life is totally different because I don't live in the past. I want to grasp the moment and choose it wisely. My time is now and I want to do what ever I like. For my parents the most valuable thing is their family and work. Because I don't have family yet, for me the most important thing is ending this school, my friends, family and having good time. I also want to have a regular job(…)… a real friend because I know almost everything about him now since we are living together. Sometimes when we have free time for example at weekends we go for a walk to see what is happening around the city. Artur is a busy person so we spend our time in active way and we never get bored. He is wonderful roommate and I'm happy that I have met him because I was afraid that I will share my room with…… the news and I do it every day to know what is happening in my country and all over the world. Also I like chat shows, for example Szymon Majewski Show, because it's amusing and funny. I have to admit that Discovery channel provides me with the best programs which I'm interested in. For example there is a program HOW IT'S MADE where I can see how people make jeans or golf balls step by step. I like……. I also like to listen to a program where the speaker reads a book. It is very entertaining because I don't have to hurt my eyes, I can relax, lay down and just listen.WHY DO YOU USE THE INTERNET FOR?The internet is spreading all over the world making it easier to talk with somebody who is even in other country. The internet is a place where everyone can meet, but also it is a source of information…… throwing the garbage away, I don't like it but I have to do this because nobody except me will take care of it. My house duties are a part of my routine but I got used to them.28. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN THE EVENINGS?In the evening I like to spend time with my friends but not always. sometimes we go to the cinema to watch a horror movie or we go to the disco where we dance and have a really good fun… ... zobacz całą notatkę

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