Materiały ustny egzamin z języka angielskiego na poziomie B2

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Materiały ustny egzamin z języka angielskiego na poziomie B2 - strona 1 Materiały ustny egzamin z języka angielskiego na poziomie B2 - strona 2 Materiały ustny egzamin z języka angielskiego na poziomie B2 - strona 3

Fragment notatki:

Zestaw pytań i odpowiedzi do egzaminu B2 z języka angielskiego.

1. How do you like spending your holidays?

2 Which places would you most like to visit?

3. How do you prefer to travel

4. Is there something you wish was different nowadays?

5. Do you enjoy learning foreign languages?

6. Should everyone learn second language?

7. How often do you go to the cinema? What kind of film do you like watching?

8. What career would you like to pursue when you finish university?

9. Do you enjoy spending time at home?

10. What do you do for entertainment?

11. How often do you go to the parties? Do you enjoy them?

12. Do you do any sports?

13. Where do you live and what do you like/dislike about living there?

14. Do you have much contact with your neighbours?

15. Where do you meet your friends?

16. How long have you been learnign English and what do you find difficult about learning it?

17. How will you use your englih in the future?

18. What are the special occasion when all your family is together?

19. How do you spend your free time?

20. Do you think you have enough free time?

21. Is there anything you would like to do that for some reason you cannot?

22.Have you ever lived abroad? If not, would you like to? Why/why not ?

23. What you think you will be doing in 5 years' time?

24. What are your reason for learning english?

25. What do you enjoy about studying here?

26. What are your interests and hobbies?

27. What are your plans for the future?

28. Do you prefer a sumer or a winter holiday?

29. Do you have any plans for your summer holidays? Will you go on your own or with your family?

30. What do you like or dislike about where you live?

31. Do you live near where you study? How do you get there?

32. Where did you spend your summer holidays?

33. What do you do to keep yourself informed about daily events?

34. Do you think it is better to listen to the news on the radio or watch TV news?

35. Do you enjoy eating out? Are there many restaurants in your town?

36. Whre would you like to go next summer?

37.How often do you read books? What is the best book you have ever read?

38.Do you often go to the cinema? What kind of films do you enjoy?

39. How important is the computer to you? What do you use it for?

40. Do you ever use the internet to get information? What kind of information?

Wszystkie odpowiedzi są napisane po angielsku i dostosowane do poziomu B2.



Holidays is mostly the only time when I can have fun with my family or friends and I don't have to worry about school, job, money and all this things that makes everybody nervous. Because it is usually hot and sunny I choose to go at the seaside where I can spend whole days on the beach. When I want to take a cool break from the hot sand and hot air I can swim in the sea. Swimming in the sea gives me a lot of fun, especially when there is wind and there are big waves. Some people like to sunbathe but I'm more active person and it seems pretty boring to me. I prefer to be more active that's why I visit the coast with a group of friends. We stay in a hotel and play valley ball on the beach or when we want to chill down we play games in the sea. 2 WHICH PLACES WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO VISIT?

The first and most exotic place to be is Palm Island, and there I would like to go. The Island is ,as the name goes, shaped like a Palm, and this place is created by people. The one of the most fabulous and luxurious places on earth is also pretty expensive one that's why


… everybody sing songs and tell jokes. I enjoy this time very much and I wait for summer all year. What I like about it best is the fact that I can visit other countries and go abroad. I like traveling to new places and meeting foreigners. In summer holidays I always have fun together with my friends and have time to relax.


… the most popular means of information in the world. Though in my opinion it is better to watch TV news rather than listen to the radio because I like to see what is happening. While watching TV broadcast I feel like a participant of all events shown. When I hear about some terrible accidents I don't have to visualize them in my head thinking what it looked like, I just sit and watch. Besides, I see…

… holidays when all of my relatives get together. On Christmas Eve I meet my cousins, aunts and uncles under one roof - at grandmothers' house. Her home unites all of us sitting behind the Christmas table and singing carols. This day is treated as a family day when relatives try to be together. Next special occasion when all of my family is together is Easter. On Easter Saturday morning every child has to paint his own egg and put it into a basket to have it blessed. Sunday breakfast is a special one for me. The whole family seats together and eats the food blessed the previous day. But my favorite holiday is Easter Monday when me and my family pour water on each other. We have fun together with my cousins spending time outdoors.


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