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EUROPEAN UNION (European Economic Community)
European Coal and Steel Community
6 countries signed in 1957 The Treaty of Rome (European Economic Community appeared):
France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg
Established customs union
Created European Atomic Energy Community
No customs duties between countries (buying and selling things - there were completely different prices)
France didn't want GB in the Community (English could become main language instead of French and also in France agriculture was important, in Britain not so it was not good for French interests to have GB in Community).
UK was not eager to join the Community, they did not to be hindered by (być powstrzymywanym, utrudniać) economic connection with Europe. In past they had colonies, and in 60s had better contact with colonies (British Commonwealth) than with European countries. Policy of EU was completely different than the rest of union
1969 Charles de Gaul resigned
People in Britain realized that they have to cooperate with Europe
1970 - all election programs favoured negotiations for entry to EU (even conservative party)
Parliament voted and agreed for the entry 1973 - UK joined the union with Denmark and Ireland
1974 - there were some voices that Britain should not be member of Community, so they carried out nationwide referendum. People agreed to be member, but their objected many things, like e.g.:
Agricultural policy
Monetary union and common currency
Uniformity (jednolitość, jednakowość)
Common social policy
1979 - first election for European Parliament (each country send members, number of them depends on the population). 1985 - Schengen Agreement - creation of open boarders
1993 - Treaty of Maastricht, name “European Union” appeared.
2002 - introduction of common currency - euro. Britain objected it, but Ireland agreed.
27 members
European Parliament (73 members, Poland has about 50)
Important EU towns: Strasburg, Brussels
NATO - NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION (it is not European but worldwide!)
Warsaw Pact (Układ Warszawski ) was opposition to NATO.
1949 - defensive military organization. Alliance was made to:
Counter the potential soviet threat
To guarantee freedom and security of members through political and military means (but rather political if there is such possibility)
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