Wykład - Charles I beheaded.

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1649 - Charles I beheaded.
OLIVER CROMWELL - wanted to create puritan England.
England - republic - Lord Protector (Cromwell)
People missed not having king, but Cromwell rejected to take the throne, because in practice he had the same power.
17th century religious groups:
Catholics - persecuted
Puritans - extreme protestants, didn't like the church of England. Wanted to purify it from catholic influences.
Purify = make clear
Elisabeth, James - didn't like puritans, they left to America.
Some of them stayed - one of them was Oliver Cromwell. Many of puritans were MPs. PURITANS:
Personal salvation is entirely from God (predestination)
Bible swas God's true law - they read the Bible everyday
Wear plain clothes (no colourful)
Go to church on Sunday
Avoid entertainment (it could be sinful)
No theatre, no parties
Church should reflect the expressing teaching of Bible (church should say a good example)
Didn't like hierarchy
Society: in community you should help to each other
Oliver was puritan, he wanted to create God's Kingdom in England. He used really cruel methods. He was religiously mad, he heard a lot strange stories about Catholics and in Ireland he burnt them alive.
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