Tworzenie lokalnych kont użytkowników

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Tworzenie lokalnych kont użytkowników - strona 1

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Creating Local User Accounts In a workgroup environment, a local user account must be created on each
computer to which the individual needs to gain access. To create a user account
in a workgroup:
1. Click Start , right-click My Computer , and then click Manage .
2. In the Computer Management console, expand Local Users and Groups ,
right-click Users , and then click New User .
3. In the New User dialog box, enter the User Name , the Full Name (optional) , and then a Description (optional) .
The default account type is .Limited., formerly known as a User account. Restricted accounts have restricted privileges. If necessary, you can change
the account type in Control Panel after creating the account.
4. Type a password, and then confirm the password.
Although a password is optional, you should always assign a
password to accounts that you create to increase network security.
5. Select either User must change password at next logon (recommended),
or User cannot change password , and then select Account is Disabled unless the user will begin using the account soon.
You can select or deselect the options mentioned in step 5, and also
disable or enable an account, by right-clicking a user in the right pane, and
then clicking Properties .
6. Click Create .
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