The process of compounding-opracowanie

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COMPOUNDING One of the easiest ways of forming new words in putting two (or more) old words together.
A compound is a lexeme which is made up of two (or more) other lexemes.
Compounds in English are not always written in a consistent fashion for example south-east can be written with a hyphen, or with a space (south east) or fused (southeast).
Meaning relationships Examples
A CAUSES B heat rash
A IS CAUSED BY B flu virus
B RESEMBLES A spaghetti jun….
B IS AT TIME A night bird, night cap A IS AT PLACE B happy rash, earache
B IS MADE OF A potato pancake
B IS PART OF A toilet seat
B IS FOR A bookcase, car pack
This list is not exhaustive.
Compounds are therefore potentially ambiguous on the first encounter.
All the examples are of two-word compounds of the type NOUN+NOUN.
They're of course other kinds of compounds as well.
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