The Direct Method-opracowanie

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The Direct Method
The direct method is a method of foreign or second language teaching which has the following features:
only the target language should be used in class (lessons begin with a brief anecdote or dialogue)
only everyday vocabulary is taught
mother tongue is never used
meaning should be communicated “directly” by associating speech forms with actions, objects, mime, gestures, and situations
reading and writing should be taught only after speaking and listening
grammar should only be taught inductively, i.e. grammar rules should not be taught to the learners
One of the best known supporters of the method was Charles Berlitz (late 19th, early 20th century). Berlitz language schools:
known for small classes
individual attention
intensive study
private schools
Difficulties in use:
no scientific principles applied to the selection of study material and vocabulary
school cannot adjust (overcrowded classes)
excessive preoccupation with pronunciation and intonation
inexperienced TS
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