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Paczka 8 testów z języka angielskiego wraz z odpowiedziami. testy do książki The Business Intermediate Student's Book na poziomie średniozaawansowanym. Notatka zawiera klucz odpowiedzi, zadania pisemne dodatkowe, testy powtórkowe oraz testy do poszczególnych 8 rozdziałów.

Testy to zarówno testy wielokrotnego wyboru jak też zadania opisowe.Look at the statements below and the extracts from an article on work placements.Which section (A, B, C or D) does each statement 1-7 refer to?For each statement 1-7 mark one letter (A, B, C or D).You will need to use some of these letters more than once.The employer should offer their opinion on how successful a student has been on the placement. You might have to do many different tasks. There are many advantages for students doing a work placement.Doing a work placement will make you more attractive to future employers. You can watch how one person does their work. It is better for a company to employ someone they know already.

Doing an internship can help you check if you have chosen the most appropriate career.A There are many benefits if you do a work placement or internship. You will have the opportunity to practise your skills in the workplace and you can test your career plans to see if you have made the right decision. You can make contacts for the future, if you make a good impression. You will learn how to take responsibility for your work and how to behave in an environment which is different from being a student. A work placement also enhances the look of your CV (many jobs are unavailable to those with no experience) - and, of course, you'll earn some money. B Employers can also benefit from work placements. Students have up-to-date knowledge and skills which can be put to good use on a project. Students are often highly motivated and work hard, and staff and students learn from each other as they do their work tasks. If a student works really well, the employer can offer them a full time job with less risk than with an unknown person.

The student will be familiar with the organization and its unwritten rules and will fit in better than someone who is completely new.C There are different kinds of work placements. `Work shadowing' means following someone around as they do their work to see how they do it. A general role will mean being involved in many different aspects of work in a department or company and learning how a wide range of things work in the organisation. Taking on a specific role on a project or in a department is more like having a real job and you will probably be responsible for a specific area of work.D The most important quality the employer is looking for is attitude. When you approach an employer for a work placement you must show that you are enthusiastic and willing to learn. This is more important than previous experience. You will be able to learn from any work experience but it is best to apply for a role which you are interested in and in which you can offer the employer some benefit. You should also expect the employer to assess your work and to offer you a written appraisal of how you performed in such areas as meeting deadlines and dealing with your workload.

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