Guidelines for Using the Mailing Lists

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Guidelines for Using the Mailing Lists
Please do not post mail messages from your browser with HTML mode turned on. Many users do not
read mail with a browser.
When you answer a question sent to a mailing list, if you consider your answer to have broad interest,
you may want to post it to the list instead of replying directly to the individual who asked. Try to make
your answer general enough that people other than the original poster may benefit from it. When you
post to the list, please make sure that your answer is not a duplication of a previous answer.
Try to summarize the essential part of the question in your reply. Do not feel obliged to quote the entire
original message.
When answers are sent to you individually and not to the mailing list, it is considered good etiquette to
summarize the answers and send the summary to the mailing list so that others may have the benefit
of responses you received that helped you solve your problem.
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