How to Report Bugs or Problems

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How to Report Bugs or Problems
Before posting a bug report about a problem, please try to verify that it is a bug and that it has not been
reported already:
• Start by searching the MySQL online manual at We try to keep the
manual up to date by updating it frequently with solutions to newly found problems. In addition, the
release notes accompanying the manual can be particularly useful since it is quite possible that a
newer version contains a solution to your problem. The release notes are available at the location
just given for the manual.
• If you get a parse error for an SQL statement, please check your syntax closely. If you cannot find
something wrong with it, it is extremely likely that your current version of MySQL Server doesn't
support the syntax you are using. If you are using the current version and the manual doesn't cover
the syntax that you are using, MySQL Server doesn't support your statement.
If the manual covers the syntax you are using, but you have an older version of MySQL Server, you
should check the MySQL change history to see when the syntax was implemented. In this case, you
have the option of upgrading to a newer version of MySQL Server.
• For solutions to some common problems, see Section C.5, “Problems and Common Errors”.
• Search the bugs database at to see whether the bug has been reported and
• Search the MySQL mailing list archives at See Section 1.6.1, “MySQL Mailing
• You can also use to search all the Web pages (including the manual)
that are located at the MySQL Web site.
If you cannot find an answer in the manual, the bugs database, or the mailing list archives, check with
your local MySQL expert. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, please use the following
guidelines for reporting the bug.
The normal way to report bugs is to visit, which is the address for our bugs
database. This database is public and can be browsed and searched by anyone. If you log in to the
system, you can enter new reports.
Bugs posted in the bugs database at that are corrected for a given release are
noted in the release notes.
If you find a sensitive security bug in MySQL Server, please let us know immediately by sending an
email message to . Exception: Support customers should report all
problems, including security bugs, to Oracle Support at
To discuss problems with other users, you can use one of the MySQL mailing lists. ... zobacz całą notatkę

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