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MySQL Mailing Lists
This section introduces the MySQL mailing lists and provides guidelines as to how the lists should be
used. When you subscribe to a mailing list, you receive all postings to the list as email messages. You
can also send your own questions and answers to the list.
To subscribe to or unsubscribe from any of the mailing lists described in this section, visit http:// For most of them, you can select the regular version of the list where you get
individual messages, or a digest version where you get one large message per day.
Please do not send messages about subscribing or unsubscribing to any of the mailing lists, because
such messages are distributed automatically to thousands of other users.
Your local site may have many subscribers to a MySQL mailing list. If so, the site may have a local
mailing list, so that messages sent from to your site are propagated to the local
list. In such cases, please contact your system administrator to be added to or dropped from the local
MySQL list.
To have traffic for a mailing list go to a separate mailbox in your mail program, set up a filter based on
the message headers. You can use either the List-ID: or Delivered-To: headers to identify list
The MySQL mailing lists are as follows:
• announce
The list for announcements of new versions of MySQL and related programs. This is a low-volume
list to which all MySQL users should subscribe.
• mysql
The main list for general MySQL discussion. Please note that some topics are better discussed on
the more-specialized lists. If you post to the wrong list, you may not get an answer.
• bugs
The list for people who want to stay informed about issues reported since the last release of MySQL
or who want to be actively involved in the process of bug hunting and fixing. See Section 1.7, “How
to Report Bugs or Problems”.
• internals
The list for people who work on the MySQL code. This is also the forum for discussions on MySQL
development and for posting patches.
• mysqldoc
The list for people who work on the MySQL documentation.
• benchmarks
The list for anyone interested in performance issues. Discussions concentrate on database
performance (not limited to MySQL), but also include broader categories such as performance of the
kernel, file system, disk system, and so on.
• packagers
The list for discussions on packaging and distributing MySQL. This is the forum used by distribution
maintainers to exchange ideas on packaging MySQL and on ensuring that MySQL looks and feels as ... zobacz całą notatkę

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