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Lars and the Real Girl is the movie directed by Craig Gillespie. Released in 2007 Comedy/ Drama, starring Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson. Lars Lindstrom is young shy man. Living in a small northern town on his own. One day he brings a girl of his dreams to his brother Gus and Karin sister-in-law's home. They don't share happiness with Lars. His dream girl is plastic sex doll ordered off the Internet but to Lars it is deep, meaningful relationship. Worried about his mental health Karin suggests taking Bianca, which is the name of the doll, to hospital. Dagmar, who is a family doctor, diagnoses Bianca with low blood pressure. She convinces Lars he needs to bring her in for weekly treatments. She also tells Gus and Karin to support with Lars' therapy by treating Bianca as if she was a real girl. As the time goes by Lars introduces Bianca as his girlfriend to his co-workers and townspeople. Aware of the situation, everyone reacts to the doll as she was real. Bianca soon is involved in volunteer program and becomes a part-time model in local store. Because of Bianca's warm welcome Lars becomes more outspoken. As Lars' therapy evolves Dagmar learns more about his delusion and helps Lars to overcome his fear.
Laugh-out-loud funny, but also thought-provoking one of the most original movies. It is a story about lonely man who is afraid of being touched and how he is trying to live in small-town-community. An Oscar nomination for screen play and Golden Globe nomination for Ryan Gosling as Lars. Gosling brings out the innocence of Lars succinctly. Great acting performance and original plot that's what makes this movie so unusual. The love shown for Lars as he dealt with his affliction, and his growth into a normal relationship. It is a tender movie that has a great impact. ... zobacz całą notatkę

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