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Language and Culture - wykład w języku angielskim cz. 3 - strona 1 Language and Culture - wykład w języku angielskim cz. 3 - strona 2 Language and Culture - wykład w języku angielskim cz. 3 - strona 3

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szkoły frankfurckiej ( Theodore Adorno).


… was established by the Treaty of Maastricht in 1993 upon the foundations of European Community. With over 500 million citizensw, the EU generated an estimated 28%, share of the nominal and about 21% of the PPP gross domestic product.
Robert Schumann 1886-1963
Jean Monnet 1888 - 1979
Konrad Adenauer 1876 - 1967
May 9, 1950 The French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann announces the necessity of the integration of Europe
Later celebrated as the Schumann day/Europe Day
WWII - the end of European ethos - significance of the dramatic experience of WWII
Need to rethink - what Europe is
18, April 1951
“Based on the Schuman plan, 6 countries sign a treaty to bring their heavy industry - coald and steel - under a common management. In this way none can on its own make…
… Product (PKB)
Robert Schumann (1886 - 1963)
The story of EU is fairly recent (but less then we'd like to think)
Attributed to 3 gentlemen - Robert Schumann - Jean Monnet - economist, statesman Konrad Adenauer - Chancellor of the German Reublic, All 3 - generally highly respected - Alcide de Gasperi 1881 - 1954
The Treaty of Rome, 23 March 1957
Government leaders of the 6 sign the Treaty of Rome
… what conditions eternal peace is thinkable in Europe?? (always the dream of European philosophers) - more on this next week
WWI - produced this reflection Very strong philosophical aspect to this plan
Jean Monnet (1888-1979)
The French advisor and politicians Jean Monnet dedicated himself to the cause of European integration. He was the inspiration behind the “Schumann Plan”, which foresaw the merger…
… policy, close cooperation in justice, prospect of common law, which would hold in all member states
Fourth Enlargement, 1 January 1995, Finland, …
26 March 1995, Schengen Agreement - passé-port free travel across frontiers - Belgium/Germany/Spain/France/Luxembourg
Open-ended treaty - other countries can enter that arrangement
The materialization if the idea - embodied in the Schengen treaty
…, institutions - that don't see themselves as function within a country - do not conform - remain within the framework of social state; transnational - various gender minorities, feminists, etc. - Very many of us don't think within the framework of the nation - we're more and more involved in global networks - electronic media! - new reality - make us ask questions about traditional ideas and concepts of the…
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