Język angielski wykład - słówka na literę "J" i "K"

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Język angielski wykład - słówka na literę

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J i K
joint and several - as a group, together, and also separately - solidarny, łączny
joint venture - wspólne przedsięwzięcie - mean responsibility as a group and as individuals judgement - a legal decision or the official decision of the court - wyrok
judicial - reffering to a judge or that which is done by the judge or the court - sądowy
judiciary - a collective term to mean all of the judges of a country - sądownictwo jurisdiction - legal power over someone - jurysdykcja
jurisprudence - the study of the theory of law and the legal system
juror - a member of a jury box jury box - ława przysięgłych
justify - to explain sth and give a reason or excuse for it juvenile - a young person under the age of seventeen years, sometimes referred to as a “minor” kangaroo court - an unofficial and illegal court set up without authority kin - relatives oor close members of the family - krewni know-how - an informal but much used term meaning practical ability or skill in a particular area
knowledge - the awareness that sth is true or exist ... zobacz całą notatkę

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