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an attorney at law
to work on sth
to send a cheque for subject to sth - zależnie od czegoś
in damages
start proceeding against
a small claim is a claim to/for a maximum of $5000
to be in dispute could I take a look at your contract to be known as sth to qualify as sth
to go into partnership with
to specialize in sth
to work in a business
to preside over a case - przewodniczyć to import goods from another country
to import goods into a country
to take care over/with sth
to deal with sth to be married to someone
to be on full pay
by 1 February at the very latest - do 1 lutego najpóźniej
the interest on the loan
on the termination of your employment
terminated by at a very high rate
at the top of each page
on 25 September
discourage from
in July
in connection with
in terms of
report on on time - punctually
in time -early enough sth is binding on smb
comply with - postępować zgodnie z, follow some regulations rate of interest on - stopa procentowa od liable for sth
liable to somebody to agree on sth to be under warrant być na gwarancji at a very high rate of interest - na wysoką stopę procentową job as a full-time sales assistant
to apply for a job
advertised in Thursday's Herald
department at Selfridges
return to Chatsworth
details at the top of this letters
look forward to hearing from you resigned from
letter of resignation
late for work
handing in your notice
guilty of gross misconduct
contract for a term of 18 months
redundancy payment of $10,000
depend on make a claim on the grounds of discrimination
contact me on 661552773
up-to-date knowledge of disciplinary procedure
dealing with people on the telephone
task relevant to my job as required
to have a track record in a particular are
to be confident of/in sth
to work within/in a department of an organization
to be familiar with sth
to have experience of a particular job
to focus on/upon sth
to work in employment law
to cope with a problem
to advise someone on a particular issue
to increase in number over a few years


… favour of
in an attempt - próbując
away on business - z dala od biznesu
terminated by either party by giving prior written notice
in writing
at the top
on strike monopoly right to
disqualified by a court from holding a directorship
acceptable to/with
in full and final settlement - w pełnym i ostatecznym rozliczeniu
on the grounds of adultery - na podstawie cudzołustwa
interest at the rate of 6% delay in…
… - dostawa towaru
in lieu of - instead of
error on the part of the bank - błąd ze strony banku
petition against smb - petycja przeciwko
lay off - dismiss, zwolnić
sell free of/from any liens or charges - sprzedaż wolna od opłat
to have a copyright on/of a literary - posiadac prawa autorskie do czegoś
come into force - wejść w życie
draw up - sporządzić
to be under/within/in control - sprawować kontrolę…
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