Język angielski wykład - collocations

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to have previous experience
to apply for a job
to generate new business
to join a department
to forward a C.V. to someone
highly confidential
to comply with a statute or the law
to keep up-to0date with the law
to be entitled to leave/holiday
to incur a cost or expanse
to adversely affect sth
to be convicted of a crime
to impose a penalty on someone
a material branch
unfair dismissal
to seek help
to meet certain conditions
a strict time limit
to attend a meeting
to be made redundant
to sit as a judge
to issue a claim
to go into partnership with someone
to claim damages
to suffer a loss
to qualify as a lawyer
to act for a client
to gain some experience
to take an exam
to make a will
a breach of contract
to be made redundant
to pass information
to run a business
to draft an agreement
to set up a business
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