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accountable -odpowiedzialny, responsible for the effects of your action Acquisitions -przejąć aid -pomoc,assisance given to a country In difficulty analyse analizować
analysis the work of studying data and information analiza analyst analityk. Collocations financial analysis campaign a planned operation which aims to achieve a particular result kampania applicant -kandydat,a person who is applying for a position appraise to assesss the value of something ocena, wycena. appraisee osoba oceniana appraiser taksator , osoba oceniająca. Collocations annual appraisal, performance appraisal Asset (aktywo)something belonging to any individual or usiness that has value or the power to earn money assign -przydzielac, gile someone particular task to do
authorisation autonomia. authorisation upoważnienie authorise upoważnić authoritarian autorytatywny. Collocations lines of authority 2 a public institution which is in charge of enforcing regulations or administering a government service. authoritative autorytatywny, uprawniony authority 1 the power to impose decisions władze.
autonomous autonomiczny autonomy the freedom to make your own decisions without having to request Back office - zaplecze-the departments of a financial company where routine administrative tasks are done without direct contact with customers Balance sheet -bilans-a statement showing the wealth of business or organization at a particular date. The balance sheet has two parts showing assets and liabilities Bankrupt -bankructwo-unable to pay your debts Barrier to entry - any factor which prevents new competition from entering a market Benefit - zasilek-an advantage or an improvement bid -oferowac oferta, an offer to buy something At stated price Board -the group of directors elected by the shareholders to manage a company Bottom line - wynik finansowy-the last line on a financial document which shows the final result boycott ,protest where people refuse to buy or use a product or serwice Brand - market-the identity of a product or service Budget -budzet- an account of probable future income and expenditure during a fixed period campaign [+ for/against]prowadzić kampanię campaigner osoba prowadząca kampanię. Collocations advertising campaign, marketing campaign, political campaign charity -charytatywny, a non profit organisation coach 1 n [C] person who is responsible for training a team or an individual instructor. 2 to train people to help them to acquire particular skills szkolić committee


… or piece of software
Cost 1-cena-the price paid for something
cover letter-list motywacyjny, a letter written to an employer In response to a job advertisement
currency-waluta,type of Money curriculum vitae-cv, dokument that gives details of a person experience and qualification
Damages- wyplata dla zwolnionych pracowników-an amount of money paid to a person who has…
… to someone at a lower level in the hierarchy to enable them to take decisions udzielać pełnomocnictwa. delegation delegacja, przekazanie
demand-popyt,the quantity required to supply orders
Development 1- rozwuj-the growth and expansion of a business, industry or economy
Dotcom-firma swiadczaca usługi internetowe Downsize-zmniejszenie liczby pracownikow- to reduce the number of employees in an organization…
…-using the law to defend one's rights
litigation-procesowac się,legal action an individual or organisation
Loan- pozyczka-money lent to an individual or organisation lobby-grupa nacisku,to try persude a governement or organisation to change a policy or situation
Logo-a sign or symbol used as a trademark to represent a company or brand
manage zarządzać task a piece of work that has to be done zadanie…
… and takes risks Expense 1- wydatek-money spent
fair trade-uczciwy handel,a movement which promotes fairer trading conditions for developing
fake-podrobka,falsyfikat,copy imitation
file-swapping-exchanging files between computers on a network
Financial statement-oswiadczenie finansowe- a document showing the state of the finances of an organization or business
Forecast- prognoza-an estimate of…
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