J. angielski, Egzamin pisemny B1 II wersja (sem. IV)

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J. angielski, Egzamin pisemny B1 II wersja (sem. IV) - strona 1 J. angielski, Egzamin pisemny B1 II wersja (sem. IV) - strona 2 J. angielski, Egzamin pisemny B1 II wersja (sem. IV) - strona 3

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Interview a candidate for a roommate. Write questions to get the following information: Roommate Questionnaire Name (1.1) Sex (1.2) Address (1.3) Bad habits (1.4) Interests (1.5) Abilities (1.6) Profession (1.7) Pets (1.8) Character (1.9) Marital status (1.10) 10
a) Y ou are going to hear someone talking about putting furniture together. Your task is to clearly circle the letter of the correct answer out of the four options given. 1. Joanne thought their flat was a mess because _______________________ (2.1) a) they didn't have enough shelves b) Kevin never puts things away c) they had too many books d) they were sitting on the sofa all day 2. IKEA is a big furniture store _______________________ (2.2) a) where you can furniture from lots of places around the world b) where you can only eat herring c) whose name is pronounced correctly by most British people d) where all the furniture have strange names 3. The problem with IKEA is that _______________________ (2.3) a) sometimes you can't find all the pieces you need b) everything is too flat c) it was made for Swedish people d) you have to pack what you buy yourself 4. When Kevin said he had finished putting the furniture together _______________________ (2.4) a) he saw that the door was upside down b) his back really hurt c) his wife told him the door was not right d) he thanked his wife for her help 5. By the time he finally put everything together, Kevin _______________________ (2.5) a) had a lot of tea b) Joanne had to help him c) cut his thumb with a knife d) was wearing his jumper the wrong way II. b) Fill in the missing words or phrases They needed more (2.6) _________________or (2.7) __________________to put things on. IKEA is a huge (2.8) __________________furnishing store.


… animal, such (5.1) _______________ a dog, a cat or a rabbit. But these types (5.2) _______________ animals do not appeal to everybody. Some people prefer animals that are much (5.3) _______________ exotic! Animal-lover Roy Smith keeps a tarantula (5.4) _______________ the corner of his living room. Tarantulas are poisonous spiders, but that doesn't stop Roy (5.5) _______________ picking his spider up…
…)_____________________________ for a picnic.
I must ( do ) (4.9)__________________________________ it as soon as possible.
This time yesterday I ( lie ) (4.10)__________________________________ on the beach.
Write a letter (100-120 words) to a friend to tell him about your last holiday. Mention where you went to, who…
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