Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część I

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Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część I - strona 1 Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część I - strona 2 Pytania i odpowiedzi do egzaminu ustnego z języka angielski na poziomie B2, część I - strona 3

Fragment notatki:

Do you think some people worry to much about their weight and how the look?
2.Has modern technology really made our life easier?
3.Do you think travel to planets is really possible?
4. Is it right to spend so much money on space research when people on Earth are starving?
5.What skills do you think are most important for students to develop?
6.What can unemployed people do to get back to work?
7. What qualities do you think are important in the person you would choose to share a flat with?
8. What makes a good teacher?
9. What makes a good student?
10. Do you think higher education should be free?
11. Which is more important, money or job satisfaction? Why?
12. Do you think managers should be paid a lot more than oridanry workers?
13. Apart from pay, how might you encourage people to work better?
14. In what ways does advertising benefit or harm the consumer?
15. In what ways have computers affected the way we work?
16. Can you think of any ways in which computers have a negative effects?
17. What factors influence people's choice of magazines and daily papers?
18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile?
19. What should someone think when choosing a career?
20. Why do some people choose to pursue an academic career?
21. Do you think world would be a better or a worse place to live in the future?
22. Do you think joining European Union will be beneficial to young people like you?
23. What are the most important things in life?
24. What can people learn form traveling?
25. Why should we take care of the enviroment? Should we take care of the enviroment? What do you do to take care of it?

Ponadto notatka zawiera również pytania do dyskusji w parach:
1. What abilities are the most important for the employers?
2. What is the most effective way of applying for the job?
3. Do you think that electronic media will take the place of books, magazines and daily papers?
4. What is the stereotype of a pole - our advantages and disadvantages. What we realy are?
5. Do you think that real friendship is possible in the era of electronic media?
6. What features should have your life partner?
7. Is it worth recommending your university to foreign student ?

In my opinion people are under influence of mass media where everybody has to look good. We are surrounded by beautiful and slim models on TV, handsome actors with big muscles and sexy looking singers. Everybody wants to look like that so people undergo plastic surgeries to be satisfied with how do they look. Women and men even, undergo liposuction to eliminate the fat. They can go to gym and work out or go on a diet but they prefer more expensive but still quicker way of loosing weight. More and more of young girls are having breast implants and enlarge their lips to be more attractive. I believe that nowadays big majority of people around the world worries too much about weight and the way they look like. People forget that what counts is hidden beauty. Most of girls that I know are on a diet before the summer time. In fact they look good but still they want to look like a film stars and compare them to themselves.
I also know examples of illnesses caused by worrying to much about the looks. Most of the models suffers from bulimia and end their career with much bigger problem- anorexia. People who suffer from this illness believe that they still can lo


… by plane… We can also travel to many places thanks to the invention present almost in ever house- television. TV is also a source of entertainment and information, and all we have to do is just press the button on remote control. Computer is also important invention because thanks to it we can communicate, transfer data, collect our favourite films, music, etc. Modern technology is in everywhere, from…
… is full of advertisements. Commercials last sometimes longer than films. Some people even claim that advertisements have polluted television.
At present computers are commonly used in our life. Most firms cannot exist without them. They make work easier for people because the have gigantic memories and work very quickly. It isn't difficult…
… catches people interest and make them curious what will be inside.
There is also one more thing that have an influence upon readers. We choose magazine according to our sex. There are different kinds of magazines for men and women.
A mobile is as common as television nowadays. It is a portable device which we can use to talk with friend…
… to have somebody close to me I can make a photo or a short film. One of the biggest advantages of a mobile is that I can take it everywhere because it is portable. Besides it can be used just to talk with a friend or to call for help if there where an accident.
Because mobiles have memory cards you don't have to write down the numbers of your best friends. What I like about it is the thing that it is…
Some people choose to pursue an academic career for many reasons.
One of them suggests that people who want to continue being at academic level probably liked the environment in which they were living and studying and they've made a decision to stay. Some people like to be surrounded by young student because then they feel younger. There are also the ones who like teaching and want…
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