Sound patterning-opracowanie

  • Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
  • dr inż. Stanisław Kozioł
  • Wstęp do literaturoznawstwa
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. Onomatopoeia - occurs when the sound of words mime or resemble the sounds associated with the thing concerned...

Regional policy of the EU

  • Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej w Lublinie
  • dr M.Szkarłat
  • European Integration
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"phasing out" support until 2013; Number of regions concerned: 99 Number of Europeans concerned: 170...

Nathaniel Hawthorne-opracowanie

  • Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
  • dr Elżbieta Maria Rokosz-Piejko
  • Literatura amerykańska
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earnestness, and was deeply concerned with the concepts of original sin and guilt, and the claims of law and...

Teenage lifestyles in Great Britain

  • Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
  • dr Małgorzata Martynuska
  • Realioznawstwo krajów anglosaskich
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and 1970s) - were concerned with pacifism, nature, eastern religions, love and drugs. They wore exotic...

The House of Lords

  • Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
  • mgr Anna Dziama
  • Kultura krajów anglojęzycznych
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wealth. However, unlike the Speaker of the Commons, the lord Chancellor is not concerned with order. He...

Język angielski słowniczek

  • Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki
  • Język angielski
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Deal with-to take action on, to be concerned with Suggest- To offer for consideration or action...