Regional policy of the EU

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Regional policy of the EU. investment policy;
supports job creation, competitiveness, economic growth, improved quality of life and sustainable development;
expression of the EU's solidarity with less developed countries and regions;
aims to reduce the significant economic, social and territorial disparities;
in the period of 2007-13 €347 billion will be invested in Europe's regions;
Convergence - solidarity among regions
Helping those regions whose per capita gross domestic product (GDP) is less than 75% of the EU to catch up with the rest better off;
Regions above the 75% threshold - they now receive "phasing out" support until 2013;
Number of regions concerned: 99
Number of Europeans concerned: 170 million
Total amount: €283.3bn (81.5% of total budget)
Type of projects funded: improving basic infrastructure, helping businesses, water and waste treatment, high-speed internet connection, training, job creation, etc. Regional competitiveness and employment
Create jobs by promoting competitiveness and making the regions concerned more attractive to businesses and investors;
All regions in Europe not covered by the convergence objective;
Regions qualified to convergence objective before 2004 are now given extra funding to help them "phase in" to their new objective;
Number of regions concerned: 172
Number of Europeans concerned: 330 million
Total amount: €55bn (16% of total budget)
Type of projects funded: development of clean transport, support for research centers, universities, small businesses and start-ups, training, job creation, etc. European territorial cooperation
Encourage cooperation across borders;
Number of regions concerned: all
Number of Europeans concerned: 500 million
Total amount: € 8.7bn (2.5% of total budget)
Type of projects funded: shared management of natural resources, risk protection, improving transport links, creating networks of universities, research institutes etc.
In the budgetary period 2007-13 it includes:
52 cross-border co-operation programs along internal EU borders; ERDF contribution: €5.6 billion: 13 transnational co-operation programs cover larger areas of co-operation such as the Baltic Sea, Alpine and Mediterranean regions. ERDF contribution: €1.8 billion; The interregional co-operation program (INTERREG IVC) and 3 networking programs (Urbact II, Interact II and ESPON) cover all 27 Member States of the EU; ... zobacz całą notatkę

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