History of England-important dates from the 18th century

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History of England - Important dates from the 18th century -1707 The Act of Union joins the Parliament of Scotland with that of England and Wales. -1746 At the Battle of Culloden, a government army of English and lowland Scots defeats the highland army of Charles Edward, who, as a grandson of the last Stuart king, claimed the British throne. Although he made no attempt to protect his supporters from revenge afterwards, he is still a popular romantic figure in the highlands, and is known as `Bonnie Prince Charlie'. -1775-83 American War of Independence leads to the loss of the 13 colonies (on the eastern seaboard of North America). The American Revolutionary Was began as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen former British colonies in North America. -1783 After a war, Britain recognizes the independence of American colonies (colonies became the original states of `the United States of America') ... zobacz całą notatkę

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