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Fragment notatki:

Will-obietnice, spotaniczne, przewidywania
Prestem Simple-rozklad jazdy
Prezent contiu-nasze plany
Must-przymus, mocne orawdopodobienstwo
Ought to/sholud-rada, prawdopodobieństwo
May/might-pozwolenie, prawdopodobieństwo mniejsze
I:if+present tense, will present tense/modal verb
II: if+past tense, would+ verb
III: if +had+3 forma, would have+3 forma
The reason we want to reduce the price is to increase sales.
I want to do it that way because it's worked in the past.
The research was essential in order to check the validity of the theory.
I need to see him so that I can explain the problem in person.
The flight is delayed due to bad weather.(spowodowany) As she's going to be late, we'll start the meeting without her.
It is a complex situation given the number of different factors to consider. Since it's raining, let's stay in for lunch.
TO-INFINITIVE po przymiotnikach np: - It's easy to do it. (Łatwo to zrobić). - She is nice to be with. (Miło z nią być). - The task seemed to be too difficult to handle. (Zadanie wydawało się zbyt trudne do załatwienia). po czasownikach takich jak : afford, agree, aim, appear, arrange, advise, allow,ask, attempt,beg, care, cease, cause, claim, consent,decide, demand,deserve, determine,endeavor, expect, enable, fail, forget,hesitate, help,hope, intend, invite, learn, lead, manage, mean,need, neglect,offer; plan,prefer, prepare, permit, persuade, pretend, propose, promise, refuse, rem ind,, regret, remember,seem, struggle,swear, threaten, train, teach, tell, trust,try; volunteer,undertake, urge, use, wait,want, wish, warn Forma -ing (Gerund) po przyimkach ( prepositions ) np: - He is thinking of going back to school. (Myśli o powrocie do szkoły) - I'm interested in writing books. (Interesuje się pisaniem książek) - They are good at driving cars and trucks. (Są dobrzy w prowadzeniu samochodów i ciężarówek) - Thank you for comming. (Dzięki za przybycie) jako podmiot zdania np: - Swimming is good for you. (Pływanie dobrze ci zrobi). - Dancing can be tiring. (Taniec maże być męczący). - Skiing is a winter sport. (Jazda na nartach jest sportem zimowym). po czasownikach takich jak : admit, advise, attempt, anticipate, appreciate,avoid, Begin, complete,consider, continua, defer,delay, deny,dread, detest, discuss, dislike,enjoy, excuse, fancy, finish,forgive, go, Imagine,involve, keep, like, mention, mind,miss,pardon, postpone, practise, prevent, prefer, propose, quit, recall,recollect, recommend,regret, remember,resent, resist, report, risk, save,stop, suggest, start, tolerate, understand Przymiotnik(adjective)-przed rzeczownikiem, be, opisuje rzecz


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