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Fragment notatki:

Prośba o informację(asking for information) I am writing to enquire about..... - Piszę z zapytaniem o .... Could you send me some information about... - Czy moglibyście przesłać mi szczegóły o......I would appreciate a quick reply. - Byłbym wdzięczny za szybką odpowiedzI would like to know more... - Chciałbym dowiedzieć się więcej.....I would be grateful if you could... - Byłym wdzięczny gdybyście mogli.....

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing in connection with your English course advert which I found in the newspaper two days ago. I am interested in this course because I want to pass my Matura exam and I need to improve my language. What is more, I like English language very much. Could you give me some more information about teaching methods? I want to know which skills – speaking or writing will I develop and what kind of teaching aids do you use? Have you got any successes in this field?

If I decide to attend this course, when does it start? What level of teacing do you have? I am not good at English so a lower level would be the best. I would be grateful if you could send me a leaflet in order to show it to my parents. I need your phone number as well. I look forward to hearing from you.Yours faithfully,

Reklamacja (Letter of complaint) I am writing to complain about... - Piszę z reklamacją.....I want to express my dissatisfaction with .... - Chcę wyrazić swoje niezadowolenie z ....I would be grateful if you could consider a full refund. - Byłbym wdzięczny gdybyście rozważyli całkowity zwrot pieniędzy. I hope you will replace... - Mam nadzieję, że wymienicie....I demand a refund. - domagam sie zwrotu pieniędzy/I am afraid Imust ask you... - Muszę prosić o....

Dear Sir/Madam, I write to complain about the mobile phone I bought at your shop in Poznań a week ago. It was a present from my grandmother on my sixteenth birthday. I choose the model and the color.

The phone worked perfectly well for the first two days. I could phone, answer calls, send messages and even listen to the music. But on the third day something has happened. When the battery ran down the phone turned off I cannot turn it on.

I tried to recharge the battery, but it did not work. So I decided to borrow another battery from my friend. We replaced them, but again nothing happened. As the phone is still under guarantee I decided to write to you.

I am afraid I must ask you to check my phone. If you cannot fix it in one week I want a full refund. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully,

List wyrażający opinię I am writing in connection with... - Pisze w związku z ....I must agree/disagree with.. - Musze się zgodzić/nie zgodzićI was fascinated/amused/shocked.. - Byłam zafascynowana/zadowolona/zszokowana

I must say I agree... - Muszę powiedzieć, że zgadzam się....

Dear Editor, I am writing in connection with the article I have read in „Gazeta Wyborcza” last week. It was entitled „Dangerous Internet”.

The article interested me a lot, as I am a great fun of it. I use the Net every day and I think it is very helpful. I think that this article has shown the Internet from a different point of view. I read how dangerous it can be.

In my opinion people should not download music and films from the Internet. It is illegal. People should pay at first to watch somebody's work and no to steal it.

It would be a good idea if all teenagers could express their opinion about downloading and the Internet. Maybe one day someone will find a solution to this problem.

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