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REKLAMACJA Vocabulary:
exchange sth for sth else
have money back / get a refund
make a complaint
have a receipt for sth
pass sell-by date
replacement return sth
take sth back
talk to the manager
1. replace, exchange
2. refund, back
3. refund
Complete the dialogues with the words from the boxes. KEY
(1. complaint, 2. return, 3. receipt, 4. exchange, 5. back, 6. refunds, 7. manager)
exchange; receipt; fit; scratched; replacement; refund
A: Excuse me, I bought this CD yesterday, but it's ____________
B: I'm sorry about that. Would you like a _____________?
A: No, thank you. I've changed my mind about it. I'd rather have a _____________.
B: Do you have your _____________?
A: Yes, I do.
B: All right. That shouldn't be a problem.
A: Excuse me. I bought these shoes yesterday, but they don't ________.
B: Have you worn them outside?
A: No, I haven't.
B: Would you like to __________ them for a different size?
A : Yes, please.
Work together. Using the prompts, write/tell me more dialogues.
1. T-shirt / too small / replacement
2. mobile phone / broken / refund
3. MP3 player / doesn't work / exchange
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