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What Is the DiskPart Tool By using the DiskPart command-line tool, you can perform many disk
management tasks from the command line. Use DiskPart to perform diskrelated
tasks at the command line as an alternative to using Disk Management.
DiskPart is a text-mode command interpreter that enables you to manage
objects, such as disks, partitions, and volumes, by using scripts or direct input
from a command prompt. Administrators often write scripts to perform
repetitive tasks.
Before you can use a DiskPart command, you must first list and then select an
object that you want to manage to give it focus. When an object has focus, any
DiskPart command that you type acts on that object.
You can list the available objects and determine an object's number or drive
letter by using the list disk , list volume , and list partition commands. The list disk and list volume commands display all the disks and volumes that are on
the computer, whereas the list partition command displays only those
partitions on the disk that have focus. When you use the list commands, an
asterisk (*) appears next to the object with focus.
You select an object by using its number or drive letter, such as disk 0, partition
1, volume 3, or volume C. When you select an object, the focus remains on that
object until you select a different object. For example, if the focus is set on disk
0 and you select volume 8 on disk 2, the focus shifts from disk 0 to disk 2,
volume 8.
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