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Before the Celts.
-25,000 - the first settlement in the British Isles- the end of the Ice Age. One of the periods in Ice
Age finishes, the Ice melts and what emerges from the ice is lush forest. The forest attracts the
hunters from the south of Europe. The hunters move to the South Britain. During that time Britain
was a peninsula and not an Island. They could have wandered unchecked and settled in what is now
-18,000 -habitation ceases- the Ice Age hits again!
-10,000 -settlement resumed -Continuous settlement of what is now Great Britain
-7000-5000 BC - Global Warming. Melts the Ice. Sea Level rises. Britain becomes an Island. It is
SEPARATED(Alienated! Cut Off! Isolated! Disconnected!) from the Main Land Europe. Despite
the bad juju of the word, this brought some good stuff. It did not in fact lead to isolation! It
increased the amount of contact between the mainland Europe and British Island. It in fact is a
beginning of British being expert sailors!
-4000 BC - Neolithic Revolution - Transition from the nomadic lifestyle to settlements. Man learns
how to cultivate crops, clear forests, rare animals. Culture and civilization begins. (Recommended
reading → Norman Davis; Karen Armstrong A Short History of Myth Orkney, north of Scotland → Skara Brae → Europe's most complete Neolithic Village discovered in
-Iberians -3000 BC
-The Beaker People - 2000 BC
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