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Approaches To Teaching Writing:
1. The Controlled-To-Free Approach
Students work on a given material and perform strictly prescribed operations on it. With controlled composition it's hardy to make mistakes and teacher doesn't waste time in correcting them. Free compositions are practiced where they are not restricted and are able to express their own ideas and they are practiced when they reach certain level of proficiency
- stresses grammar, syntax and mechanics
- stresses accuracy rather than fluency or originality
2. The Free-Writing Approach
- fluency is stressed, not worrying about the form
- accuracy, organization and mechanics follow fluently
- audience (reader) and content is very important
3. The Paragraph-Pattern Approach
- places emphasis on organization rather on accuracy of fluency
4. The Grammar-Syntax-Organization Approach
- attention to organization as well as grammar and syntax
5. The Communicative Approach
- stresses the purpose of the writing and the audience for it (writing is a truly communicative act when a writer writes for a real reader) - they respond ( rewrite in a different form, summarize, make comments but not correct)
6. The Process Approach
- stresses of process of writing itself not the product
- writers think how to begin and organize the task, not about the audience and purpose
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