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Entering function definition Function may be entered in two forms:
• Canonical numerical decimal representation,
• Literal representation.
In canonical numerical representation function definition can be entered by proceeding menu
steps File ⇒ New function ⇒ Canonical representation or by clicking "New project"1 icon
and then "Canonical representation" icon from the toolbar. Afterwards the window that enables
entering data (Fig. 7) shows up.
The window consists of three lists of values:
• Ones
• Zeros
• Don't cares
According to these steps all function components (ones, zeros and don't cares) have to be
entered to these lists. The maximal implemented number of function variables is 10 so maximal
possible value that can be entered in the edit field is 1023, minimum is 0.
To apply the changes "OK" button should be clicked. After these steps the middle column
describing "Zeros" is filled up with values supplementary to the function entered. Thus, all
function terms that are not present in "Ones" or "Don't cares" are put into "Zeros" list. In order to
delete a term from one of the lists user should select this value, click right mouse button, then
from popup menu (Fig. 8) select "Delete". The same operation can be performed by selecting a
term and pressing "Del" keyboard key.
A list can be erased by selecting this list (by clicking in its area) and choosing in the popup menu
"Select All" option and then clicking "Del" keyboard key or choosing "Delete" from the popup
menu. All terms from all lists may also be cleared by selecting "Clear all" button. If there is a need
to delete more than one value from one list the user should push and hold CTRL keyboard key
and select as many values as they need. Then they should release the CTRL key, click right
mouse button and select "Delete". All selected lists will be erased.
In order to change previously entered function definition it is advised to select the option from
menu File ⇒ Change function or click on "Canonical representation" icon . To apply or to
cancel changes made to the function definition button "OK" or "Cancel" should be pressed
In literal representation function definition can be entered by proceeding menu steps File ⇒ New
function ⇒ Literal representation or by clicking "New project" icon and then "Literal
representation" icon . Afterwards the window that enables entering function definition (Fig. 9)
shows up.
Function definition is written using characters: "~", "x", "+" and numbers 0, 1...9. The function
should be rewritten in the form, where complemented value (i.e. 1 x ) is represented by tilde sign
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