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Structure realization Program generates following structures:
• Multiplexer,
• Multiplexer with gates:
o NAND gates only,
o NOR gates only,
o AND and OR and NOT gates,
• Demultiplexer,
• Tree of Multiplexers,
• Multiplexer - demultiplexer.
The structure is chosen by a user. The menu item which allows performing the structure
realization is activated only when the function entered can be implemented3. Beginning of an
implementation process is achieved by clicking Realization from the program menu or realization
icon from the toolbar. It causes the window (Fig. 14) to be displayed.
The window contains 4 buttons indicating the possible structures selections. These are:
Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, Tree of Multiplexers and Multiplexer - Demultiplexer. Switching
buttons causes that appropriate tab is displayed. Each tab represents parameters that should be
set in order to generate a proper structure. For Multiplexer tab there exist a few of possible
structures. Choosing different multiplexer's size user can obtain different results. Also marking
"use gates" checkbox enables generating structures with different gates: NANDs only, NORs only
or ANDs+ORs+NOTs. In order to obtain demultiplexer (or tree of multiplexers) structure from
Demultiplexer (Multiplexer Tree) tab user should select demultiplexer's size. The size of
multiplexer and demultiplexer ranges from 2 bits to 16 bits, as these are sizes of manufactured
commutators nowadays. Multiplexer and Demultiplexer tab has two parameters - sizes of
multiplexer and demultiplexer. As it is not always possible to generate a structure of a function of
some number of variables (1 variable or more than 8) radio buttons that correspond to these
impossible structures are disabled (Fig. 15). Also while clicking on the size whether of multiplexer
or of demultiplexer, the second will change to enable proper generation of a Mux-Dmux structure.
As it can be seen some toolbar options that were previously disabled are activated. The diagram
can be zoomed in or out to facilitate viewing. The structure can be also changed by clicking
Realization from the program menu or realization icon from the toolbar.
Saving and opening function definitions from a file
In order to save a function definition to a file a user should select File ⇒ Save function as... item.
Choosing "Save function" option saves the current function to previously opened function
definition file. If there was no previously opened file, while pressing "Save function", "Save
function as..." dialog window appears. In this dialog user can enter a file name to be saved to
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