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Napisana jest po angielsku. Dotyczy ruchu praw obywatelskich (walka o prawa Afroamerykanów) w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Jedna strona, format odt (obsługiwany przez Open Office).

Civil Rights Movement
Civil disobedience to fulfill the demands of moral law, movement against segregation lead by black Protestant minister - Martin Luther King - He called upon the people to become more involved in politics on order to secure the voting rights that had been denied to black citizens. He fought for freedom in non-violent way. He was mostly influenced by Mahathma Ghandi. 1663 - march to Washington - King war arrested for refusing to halt a large civil disobedience campaign “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” -“ I have a dream speech”
- Jim Crow Low 1896 - 1950 - it said that facilities should be separate but equal NACP - National Association of the Advancement of Color People
SNCC - Student Non-violent Committee Coordinating - defended blacks nights in non-violent way
M.L. King demanded fulfill of racial integration in public institutions as promised by the Supreme Court in 1954 in famous Brown V. Board of Education decision.
(1955 Rosa Park) King's movement succeeded in securing black voting rights and integrating schools and other public facilities (King was willing to use the legal and political apparatus of the state)
1968 Memphis King's assassination (April)
(He got Nobel Prize) Frederic Douglas - narrative of “The life of an American state” published in 1845
BLACK POWER - Muslims - violence in self - defense is justified Malcolm Ex - killed BLACK PANTHERS - the most aggressive organization “affirmative action” - introduced in order to protest minority non-white groups
(easy training, education, work)
12 % Black People ... zobacz całą notatkę

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