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Napisana jest w całości po angielsku. Notatka ma 2 strony i format odt (obsługiwany przez Open Office). Jej temat to system edukacji w Stanach Zjednoczonych. W jej treści pojawiają się takie zagadnienia: edukacja publiczna w USA, edukacja państwowa, szkoły w Stanach Zjednoczonych, obowiązek szkolny, szkoły stanowe, dysproporcje w poziomie edukacji na południu i północy, wybór kursów, akty prawne dotyczące edukacji, edukacja elementarna, szkoła drugiego stopnia, studia wyższe.

America has had a great respect for education from its earliest times. Under the US constitution, the of education; each state is fully responsible within its own terriotory. Every American is entilted to an education School ottendence is compulsony for all children. - school last from June to September
public education from kindergarten through grade 12 is fox supported no tuition is required
most private schools are run by religions organisations most children attend mixed schools
Distinctions within educational system are based on:
a) use of private institutions
b) the diffrend social charakteristics of the areas in which school are placed (racial factor)
c) lack of national education system: These distinctions cause varied opportunities :
diffrent courses for those who don't plan to go to college and college bound students diffrent courses offered by diffrent schools wide variety of degree programms in higher education variety in academic standrds and reputations low educational system in South and rural areas
Although there's no national curriculum cretain subjects are generally taught in all public schools' system across the country. This is so called core curriculum Additationaly students can choose elective courses in their area of interest. 1965 - new programms ow aid for education proposed by President Lyndon Johnson - liberal hope for a "Great Society" of greater equality and less poverty Economic Opportunity Act
Higher Education Act 1954 - Brown the Board of Education of Topeka act of desperation of schools
'bussing' - black children had to go to white areas and the other way round - introduced to speed up integration
-great apposition
-whites began senoling their children to private schools or moved to suburbs
1970s - protection from discrimination handicaped children time table always the same
gov - 15 %
state - 5 %
Elementary Education
form 6 to 12
very friendly atmosphere need for giving actual instruction the emphasis on cooperation another than competiton deriving from need for making people sociable
there is special School Bus that takes children to school
school and its community are closely linked
Second Education from 12 to 18
divided into junior HS and senior HS
available to everyone - no problem about going admission
positive segregation - selective school or classes for children who show special academic ability organising activities outside the classroom
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