Schools in the USA

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Schools in the USA
Primary school
Starts at the age of 5 years
First year - kindergarten
Second year = the first year of primary school = first grade
Primary school - 5 years of education
Secondary school
After 5th grade children are enrolled in the American eduation system, secondary school starts
Secondary school - 7 years
7th to 8th or 9th grade = junior high school
9th to 12th grade = high school
After the 12th grade - certificate: The High School Diploma Public schools operated by the government
financed by public funds
free to all students
the quality of education vary greatly between different public schools (amount of funding)
the more affluent the district, the better the educational system
Private schools
operated by private individuals
financed by private funds
the largest number of these are Catholic institutions (also Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Asian religious)
not controlled by any government agency
students must meet the minimum graduation requirements set by the state
students must pay for tuition
popular because offer options that are not available at public high schools
advanced math and science courses, broader selection of foreign languages, better art, music and athletic programs
Prestigious schools
Require to submit their scores and take other national tests Teenagers are very conscious of the need to obtain good marks in their high school work if they wish to go on to a college or a university of high reputation
2-year degree - Associate degree `AA degree'
Students can continue education at a 4-year school
Eventually, Bachelor's degree 4-year degree - Bachelors degree `BA or BSc degree' - specific course of study (the major)
By the second year of study students have to select a major
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior.
Private colleges and universities
High cost of tuition
Higher standard od education
Ivy League: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale)
Public colleges and universities
Many of them maintain higher standards that equal the private ones
The Berkley campus of the University of California
The Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin
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