The Writing Skills, teaching writing-opracowanie

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The Writing Skills
Teaching of this skill should proceed through controlled, guided to free writing
Function of writing:
- reinforcing and consolidating what has been learnt orally 9 store in learners` minds more easily)
- needed for correspondence notes, essays and in situation where oral communication doesn't seem to be appropriate
- provides" a means of individual and sometimes quite personal expressions"
Kinds of writing:
notation - graphic representation of spoken utterance
spelling - when "recognizable units of the foreign language are involved"
writing practice - more advanced form of writing - the written representation of combinations of words which might be spoken in specific circumstances
composition - ideas are expressed in a coherent and cohesive way using specialized vocabulary and structure appropriate to the piece of writing.
Why we teach writing:
- course validity - every skill should be taught
- skills training - for professional purposes
- study skills - ability to make notes
- memory - for visual learners
- accuracy - for practicing using structures
- rounding up - gathering activities
- transfer of skills
Problems with teaching writing:
a) strong correlation between writing skills in L1 and L, who are not good writers and may have problems (or they can improve in both)
b) correction is time consuming
c) students unwillingness
d) negative feedback may discourage the students
e) solitary activity
Stages in process writing:
- generating ideas (by brainstorming, using visuals etc.)
- focusing - deciding what you want to say
- structuring - ordering information
- drafting - ways of beginning and ending different stories
- evaluating - establishing criteria
- re-viewing
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