The House of Commons-main issues

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The House of Commons - main issues
The Speaker - Debates held in the House of Commons are chaired by the Speaker - the chief officer of the House of Commons. He or she is elected when the previous speaker retires or fails to get re-elected at a general election. The Speaker is so called, because he or she has to speak to the Sovereign for the members on certain occasions. The Speaker is politically neutral, and is required to act with scrupulous impartiality between Members in the House. He or she is a Member of Parliament (an MP) - chosen by a vote of the entire House.
Tellers - there are four tellers in the House of Commons, they count MPs, when they vote.
Whips - a small group of MPs appointed by their party leaders. They are responsible for discipline in their party and making sure MPs attend the House of Commons to vote. They also convey backbench opinion to the party leadership.
By-election - held when a particular seat falls vacant between general elections due to the death or resignation of the sitting MP.
Steward of the Children Hundreds - an MP who wishes to resign applies for it. This is a job with no duties and no salary. It is `an office to profit under the Crown' (a job given by the monarch with rewards attached to it).
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