Terrorism and organised crime 4

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Terrorism and Organized Crime
Lecture 4
Terrorism - introduction
Unlike organized crime terrorism is a type of purely political problem. We may say that generally terrorism is about exercising violence to introduce fear in intention to gain influence on Power (remember the diagram on the blackboard).
There are many interpretations of terrorism. We may define two major approaches to history of terrorism: 1. Terrorism existed always - for example Assasyns in times of crusades and Zelots in Ancient Rome;
2. Terrorism was developed in 19
century - first terrorists were anarchistic oriented Regardless of the perspective definitions of terrorism evolved the same way as definitions politics, from state centered definitions to definitions stressing de-centralization of Power. Thereby, one may paraphrase the words of M. Foucault, that terrorism, like any other criminall or socially unaccepted behavior in a way reflects the nature of ordinary politics by showing us the other face of political activity. The strength of terrorism comes from assymetry. Small group of terrorists may influence a big state through well organized actions against its citizens while big states have problems with confronting small opponents (they are prepared to fight other states rather then terrorists). We may treat terrorism as an example of a problem when a relatively small group of people who know how to exploit the circumstances created by globalisation may influence whole societies. It's worth noticing that such problems require something more than intervention of only one state.
By the way terrorism shows us also something more - role and potential of using violence in politics. This leads to a conclusion that, like M. Foucault, one may interpret politics as attempt


…, Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison, any edition.

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