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Telnet Server The Telnet server is a connection point for Telnet clients. When the Telnet
server is running on a computer running Windows XP Professional, users on
other workstations running Telnet client software can connect to the computer
running Windows XP Professional. When a Telnet client connects to the Telnet
server running Windows XP Professional, the user is asked to enter a user name
and password. By default, only user name and password combinations that are
valid on the local server can be used to log on to that server.
After logging on, a user is given a command prompt that can be used as if it had
been opened in a command prompt window locally. By default, however, the
user cannot use applications that interact with the Windows XP Professional
To control the access that Telnet users have to files on the server, use only
NTFS on the system partition. Create a Telnet Users Group, add all Telnet users
to that group, and then assign files and directory permission to control the
access that members have to the files and directories.
The Telnet server service is not started by default. To start the Telnet service:
1. Click Start , right-click My Computer , and then click Manage .
2. In Computer Management, expand Services and Applications , and then
click Services .
3. In the details pane, right-click Telnet , and then click Start .
The Telnet server included with Windows XP Professional supports a
maximum of two Telnet clients at a time. If you need additional licenses, use
Telnet server from the Microsoft Services for UNIX. Services for UNIX
supports up to 63 Telnet clients at a time.
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