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Stonehenge For people in Britain today the chief significance of the prehistoric period is its sense of mystery. This mystery is most easily found in the astonishing monumental architecture of this period, the remains of which exist throughout the country. - The county of Wiltshire in the south-western England has a spectacular example: Stonehenge - one of the most famous and mysterious archaeological sites in the world, Britain's most famous prehistoric monument. - One of its mysteries is how it was ever built at all with the technology of the time (the stones come from over 200 miles (1 km = 1.6 mile) away in Wales and people then knew how to cut and move very large pieces of stone). It is a group of very large pieces of stones arranged in circles. It was a sort of capital to which the chiefs of other groups came all over Britain. - Another mystery is its purpose. It appears to function as a kind of astronomical clock and we know it was used for ceremonies marking the passing of the seasons. - The stones were put there perhaps as a religious sign or perhaps as a way to study sun, moon and stars. They are also thought to have been used for religious ceremonies by Druids (learned people), although this is not generally accepted by scientists. - These days Stonehenge is not only of interest to tourists, but is also a gathering point for certain minority groups, e.g. hippies. It is now fenced off to protect it from damage. Each stone had a mortise and tenon joint so that when in place the stones stayed in place. The people who made Stonehenge had no metal tools. ... zobacz całą notatkę

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