Slavery, Civil War in the USA

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- In the first quarter of the 19th century the frontier of settlement moved west to the Mississippi River and beyond. In 1828 Andrew Jackson became(S) the first “outsider” elected president a man from the frontier sate of Tennessee, born into a poor family and outside the cultural traditions of the Atlantic Seaboard.
- Although on the surface the Jackson Ian Era was one of optimism and energy, the young nation was entangled in a contradiction. The ringing words of the Declaration of the Independence, `all men are created equal', were meaningless for 1.5 million slaves. - In 1820 southern and northern politicians debated the question of whether slavery would be legal in the western territories - Congress reached a compromise: slavery was permitted in the new state of Missouri and the Arkansas Territory but barred everywhere west and north of Missouri. The outcome of the Mexican War of 1846-48 brought more territory into American hands - and with it the issue of whether to extend slavery. Another compromise in 1850 admitted California as a free state, with the citizens of Utah and New Mexico being allowed to decide whether they wanted slavery within their borders or not (they did not). - Compromise of 1850 - a senses of acts passed by the US Congress to settle disputes following the Mexican War over the extension of slavery in the territories acquired from Mexico.
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