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Account Type Privileges Each account.s type is displayed beneath the account name on the Welcome
screen. The three account types and their associated privileges are.
 A Limited user account (a member of the User s group) can:
 Change the picture associated with that user.s account.
 Change the user.s own password.
 Remove the user.s own password.
 A Standard user account (a member of the Power Users group) has the
same privileges as a Limited account user, and can also:
 Make basic changes to computer settings, such as display properties and
power options.
A Standard user account cannot be created through the Control Panel.
To grant a user the privileges of a Standard user, or Power User, you must
add the user to the Power Users group in the Computer Management
 A Computer Administrator account (a member of the Administrators group)
has the same privileges as a Standard account user, and can also:
 Create, change, and delete accounts.
 Make computer-wide changes, and gain access to all files on the
 Install all hardware and software.
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