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Mgr Maria Szczepanik
Język Angielski
Przykładowe Kolokwium
Name _____________________________________
Class ____________________________
Unit Test 3
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.
1 Underline the correct verb forms in italics in this introduction to a presentation.
Good morning everyone and thank you for coming. I know your taxis
(1) leave / will leave for the airport at three so I (2) keep / ’ll keep my presentation brief. Over the
next fifteen minutes, I’m (3) talking / going to talk about our marketing plans for the next twelve
months. Firstly, we’ll look at how we (4) launch / ’re launching a new sales campaign in the
autumn. And secondly, I’ll outline how it (5) will succeed / is succeeding when others haven’t.
Finally, if you (6) have / ‘re going to have any questions, I (7) ‘m being / ’ll be happy to answer
them at the end.
2 Complete these sentences with a), b) or c).
Nike was ___________ in the seventies.
a) designed
b) founded
c) branded
We’re still profitable but have a hierarchical structure which is a ___________ in this century.
a) weakness
b) weapon
c) strongpoint
10 The expansion of markets in Asia offer incredible _________________ for everyone.
a) performances
b) ranks
c) opportunities
11 Our production ____________ are from twelve to eighteen months.
a) cycles
b) workers
c) lines
Pearson Longman ELT
12 Our women-only store will be a completely new __________ for our customers.
a) weapon
b) concept
c) trend
13 The _____________ group makes all our clothes and shoes.
a) marketing
b) sponsor
c) apparel
14 The biggest ____________ we face is global change.
a) threat
b) delay
c) aspect
15 The danger from competitors __________________ us into finding a solution.
a) made
b) impressed
c) galvanised
16 The problem is to keep up with _________________ trends which are constantly changing.
a) shift
b) fashion
c) creator
3 Write in the missing vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in these sentences.
17 My s__n__ _r manager is very __ct__v__.
18 The IT r__v__l__t__ _n never stops!
19 We had __ct__v__sts outside the company and received lots of bad p__bl__c__ty.
20 I don’t know where these d__s__gn__rs get their __nsp__r__t__ _n from!
21 C__st__m__rs choose us for our r__p__t__t__ __n.
22 We need to re-__n__rg__s__ our entire br__nd.
23 R__t__ __l__rs are reporting m__s__r__bl__ sales results this year.
Pearson Longman ELT
4 Complete the phrases from presentations with these verbs. Change the verb form if
bring / hope / give / like / ask / see / discuss
24 I’d ________________ to start by telling you about my company.
25 Do you mind ________________ that question at the end?
26 This ________________ me to my next point.
27 This chart ________________ an idea of the problem.
28 I’ll ________________ each point and then make a recommendation.
29 On this slide you can ________________ our results.
30 I ________________ you have found my comments useful.
Pearson Longman ELT
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