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2 Change the form of the word in brackets and complete these sentences. For example:

He manages one of the biggest football clubs in the country. (manage)

The new manager improved moral in the department. (manage)

10 Increasing salaries is only one way to increase ____________________. (motivate)

11 Fear of ____________________ is another way to inspire staff. (fail)

12 Many managers believe ____________________ cannot be trusted. (employ)

13 I have ____________________ with my six subordinates today. (appraise)

14 Did you hear about the basketball ____________________who strangled a subordinate?


15 We're in danger of setting our ____________________too high. (expect)

16 The board of ____________________ meets four times a year. (direct)

17 We like every member of staff to have their own ____________________and independence.


3 Complete the sentences with these verbs:

do / make / meet / take / set / have / lose

18 Managers inspire workers when they ________________ a good example.

19 We can't ________________ the deadline. It's unrealistic.

20 I think we'll ________________ a profit this year.

21 Most managers ________________ their tempers when their team loses.

22 Sorry, but I don't ________________ time to help.

23 It's too risky. We can't ________________ a chance like this.

24 Would you ________________ me a favour?


Pearson Longman ELT



4 Match the two halves of the sentences.

25________ 26________ 27________ 28________ 29________ 30________

25 Is there any…

26 I was wondering if you could…

27 I don't suppose you…

28 Would you mind…

29 I was wondering whether…

30 Do you mind not

a work late this evening

b wasting your time on that?

c way you can finish it early?

d could give him a ring for me could you?

e you'd have time tomorrow.

f working late this evening?


Pearson Longman ELT


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