Present Continuous - ćwiczenia

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Fragment notatki:

I Put the verb in the correct form of Present Continuous. You ____________ (smile).
She _______________ (read) this sentence.
When ________ George _________ (come)?
The climate on our planet __________ (get) warmer.
Peter and I __________________ (go) to the cinema tonight.
I _______________ (not earn) much these days, but I ______________ (work) shorter hours.
Why _____________ (you, not eat)? Is the soup too salty?
Our environment ___________________ (change) rapidly. It _____________ (get) more and more polluted.
II Take the sentence number 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8 and transform them into negative sentences and questions. State verbs be believe hear mean see taste hope
think forget know smell understand like hate need have love want
I have a lot of time. I'm having a bath at the moment.
I see you're wearing your new dress. I'm seeing my friends tomorrow.
You smell strange. What have you been doing? The dog is smelling the tree.
The soup tastes too salty. The cook is tasting the soup.
What do you think of my new dress? I'm thinking of buying a new car.
III Complete with the correct form. (5 min)
I ________ (hope) that you __________ (know) what you ____________ (do).
Where __________ (be) Paul now? - He ____________ (have) lunch, I ___________ (think).
The room _____________ (smell) like a hospital.
Jane, what _______________ (you, do)? - I ______________ (taste) the sauce to ___________ (see) if I have put enough salt in it. Well, it ______________ (taste) delicious.
IV Clothes.
1. We wear them to keep our hands warm.
2. We wear it to keep our heads warm.
3. We wrap it around our necks in winter.
4. 'Levis' and 'Wranglers' are ___
5. Men usually wear one around their necks.
6. They cover your feet and are worn inside a shoe.
7. We wear it on top of our clothes to keep us warm.
8. It has buttons up the front, a collar, sleeves and is often white.
9. It goes from the waist down, is most often worn by women and can be mini, knee or ankle length.
10. Trousers or a skirt with a matching jacket is called a ___
a. skirt b. socks c. tie d. gloves e. jeans f. hat g. suit
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