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1. We wear them to keep our hands warm.
2. We wear it to keep our heads warm.
3. We wrap it around our necks in winter.
4. 'Levis' and 'Wranglers' are ___
5. Men usually wear one around their necks.
6. They cover your feet and are worn inside a shoe.
7. We wear it on top of our clothes to keep us warm.
8. It has buttons up the front, a collar, sleeves and is often white.
9. It goes from the waist down, is most often worn by women and can be mini, knee or ankle length.
10. Trousers or a skirt with a matching jacket is called a ___
a. skirt b. socks c. tie d. gloves e. jeans f. hat g. suit
h. coat i. scarf j. shirt
MATERIAL/CLOTH IT HAS: Cotton Short sleeves Silk Long sleeves
Wool Buttons
A zipper
FIT It fits./It doesn't fit.
It's too big, small, tight, loose, long, short.
smart clothes
elegant clothes
casual clothes
shabby clothes My Clothes 1. What do you wear when it is cold?
2. What do you wear when it is wet?
3. What do you wear at school?
4. What do you wear at weekends?
5. What kind of clothes do you like wearing?
6. Have you got a favourite shop?
7. What influences your choice of clothes? Put the following in order:
___ friends
___ pop stars
­­­___ fashion magazines
___ price
___ practicality and comfort
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