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LMHOSTS File The LMHOSTS file is a text file that contains the IP address-to-NetBIOS name
mappings. A portion of the LMHOSTS file is pre-loaded into memory and is
referred to as the NetBIOS name cache. The LMHOSTS file has the following
 It resolves NetBIOS names used in Windows NT and other NetBIOS
 Entries consist of one NetBIOS name and its corresponding IP address. The
NetBIOS name is either a unique (exclusive) or group (non-exclusive)
name. Unique names are typically used to send network communication to a
specific process on a computer. Group names are used to send information
to multiple computers at one time.
 Each computer has its own file. A sample file, Lmhosts.sam, is provided
with Windows XP Professional. After modifying the sample file with
LMHOSTS entries, the file must be renamed as Lmhosts without an
extension to be recognized by NetBIOS. The directory location is:
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