Our environment-opracowanie

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Our environment.
All of us realize, that contamination of the environment is one of the main problems in today's world. Ecologists warn us that air, water and soil are more and more polluted. People cut down forests which are a very important source of oxygen. We dump sewage to rivers and seas and don't think that there are so few places, where we can swim or catch fish. People often dump litter in the forests, we may see many illegal dumping places near a town or a city. We use fertilisers and pesticides, which results in polluting the soil. Another problem is, that power stations and our cars emit noxious gases, for example carbon dioxiole or compounds of sulphur. Every year technology is developing which is connected with polluting our Earth. There are more and more acid rains, epidemics, animals' death, floods, droughts and illnesses. People, who live in big cities, complain for headaches or difficulties in breathing. Many children in big cities suffer from asthma. For the last several years we have had a problem with greenhouse effect, which is the effect of polluting the atmosphere and destroying ozone layers. People are exposed to ultra-violet radiation. many people have dangerous tumorous illnesses.
Animals also suffer because of people's thoughtlessness. Many fish are killed by the sewage, death of many animals is the result of deforestation.
Many of us realize that we shouldn't disregard these problems. I think we should use ecologically safe products made from recycled or biodegradable materials. We ought to find the new ways of solving our problems using the achievements of our civilisation - we should produce more electric cars, which don't emit fumes or cars using natural gas, which don't pollute our air as well as cars using petrol. Governments should give more money for protection of the environment. people should build more wind and water power-stations. We should take our litter: paper, cans, bottles, plastic things to the special places like recycling centres or containers. If we don't want to live in the polluted world, we ought to make an effort and co-operate with each other - then we'll have a chance to live in peace and health - I think that is our task in the twenty first century.
contamination - zanieczyszczenie
cut down - wycinać
catch fish - łapać ryby
fertilisers - nawozy sztuczne
power stations - elektrownie
noxious - szkodliwe
carbon doxiole - dwutlenek węgla
compounds - związki
achievements - osiągnięcia fumes - spaliny
flood - powódź to complain for... - skarżyć się na...
acid rain - kwaśny deszcz task - zadanie
drought - susza container - kontener
greenhouse effect - efekt cieplarniany ozone layers - warstwy ozonowe
to be exposed to ... - być narażonym na ... litter - śmieci
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